Makeup Lesson

I love to do personalized makeup lessons. Its a great opportunity for me to go in depth when it comes to your skin type, skin tone, eye shape, eye colour etc. My hope is that each client leaves with new knowledge on how to enhance their features and product recommendations that will best suit them.

Teen Makeup Lesson

I absolutely love when I get a call for a TEEN lesson. For those mommas to trust me to teach their sweet daughters how to apply makeup in a soft and subtle way, means so much to me. I am a firm believer in LESS IS MORE for your everyday makeup. I would love the opportunity to teach these young girls that the beauty is already there, lets enhance your beauty with  timeless makeup application.  We will go over proper skin care, application tips and product recommendations for their individual features. They can take these tips and apply them to their everyday life for all the years to come and let their natural beauty shine through. 




Please show up with no makeup on. If you would like to learn how to apply makeup with the products and tools you already have, please bring them. If you are hoping to leave with product recommendations on what is best suited for you and your skin one, eye colour, and tools to help you achieve your look, please bring a pen and paper and we can make notes throughout your lesson. 



$120 + gst




$75 + gst



Makeup Tutorial

“Ashleigh was so great. I learnt so much from her. She was super helpful and taught me so many little tips. I would and do recommend her to all my friends. 

— A.S.

Rodeo Queen Makeup

"I first met Ashleigh at the Miss Rodeo Canada Clinic, she taught us how to use makeup to shape our face and show off our best features! I knew right away that I wanted this amazing woman to do my makeup for the Miss Rodeo Canada contestant photos. Ashleigh is incredibly professional, a great teacher, and very personable. I would recommend her to anyone wanting professional makeup done. 


Makeup Lesson

“Ashleigh was very welcoming, and took the time to talk about each step and tip she was offering. Definitely took my intimidation of applying makeup away.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn or to be pampered. Thanks again.”

— J.M.