Private Online Makeup Lesson

Do you want to learn how to properly apply makeup and can't make it to one of my makeup classes? Are you a stay at home mom and its impossible to get out of the house on a Thursday night? Maybe you don't feel comfortable being in a group setting? Well, I am offering a service that every single one of YOU can take advantage of.... Private Online Makeup Lessons!! Its easy as pie, you email me, we make arrangements to Skype and will chat for an hour about prepping the skin, makeup application tips and tricks, and any questions or concerns that you may have. I can provide you with information on whats recommended for your skin type, skin tone, eye colour, eye shape etc. A totally customized 1 - on - 1  makeup lesson in the comfort of your own home!! Shoot me an email, grab a coffee (or even better, a glass of wine) and get ready to update your current makeup routine. 



$99 + gst